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An ASD system effectively prevents radon entry into a home by controlling the pressure differential that drives soil gas from beneath the home to the interior of the home.  Radon is drawn from beneath the slab by a radon exhaust fan and the radon gas vents to the outdoor air above the home where it quickly dilutes. The radon exhaust fan does not interfere with the heating and air conditioning of the home, so you are protected when the air is turned off and the windows are closed. This system also removes moisture and other pollutants that can enter the home through the slab so that it improves the overall indoor air quality. Utility cost to operate one fan is low, it uses the same amount of electricity as a 100 watt light bulb. Very little noise is associated with an ASD system if properly installed. System failure is detected by a pressure sensing device.This device will be located visible to the homeowner. The pressure gauge will only indicate if the system is functioning and not the indoor radon level. We recommend testing at least once every two years. The only maintenance with an ASD system is to read the pressure gauge to make sure your ASD system is functioning properly.


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