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as1b.jpg (3735 bytes) Active Soil Depressurization
Interior Installation

The #1 recommended method for radon reduction when applicable.

asd4.jpg (2638 bytes)Active Soil Depressurization

For multi-story homes or if an interior system is not applicable
crwla.jpg (2402 bytes)Crawlspace
Sub-Membrane Depressurization

For homes that have a crawlspace below them.

com3b.jpg (1988 bytes)Commercial Mitigation Applications
Custom installations such as schools nursing homes & commercial buildings.

mech3b.jpg (3098 bytes)Mechanical Ventilation
This system is most commonly used in multi family apartments and smaller condominiums located in South Florida.

ervthumb1b.jpg (3098 bytes) High Rise And Large Condominiums, Single Family Homes
These systems are designed for high rise, large condominiums and Single Family homes. It is very common to find radon in upper floor units due to building materials.Also applicable in single family homes when ASD is not effective

ASD Interior / ASD Exterior / Crawl Space / Commercial Mitigation Appliciations
Mechanical Ventilation / High Rise And Large Condominiums
Pre Construction / Home

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